President Letter: Happy New Year

Dear fellow NACPPA members,

I hope you've had a great new year holiday with family and friends!

The past two years are absolutely remarkable for NACPPA. We successfully bring our signature IEEE events to the next level. In which, we have attracted 500+ attendees to technical sessions and hospitality. We introduced 5+ leading Chinese vendors to a broader audience and increased their visibility in the US technical societies. We have delivered 21 online seminars to 1147 attendees worldwide. We have hosted 10 local meetup events and technical discussions in Northern California, Texas, and Northeast chapters. Our Wechat groups are highly influential among Chinese power professionals and online member base almost reaches 1000. We have received twice as much donations, numerous attentions and countless supports from all of you.

I would like to take the opportunity and thank former President Tongxin Zheng and his team for their dedicated service and outstanding contribution. They have invested a lot of personal time and efforts to bring us to where we are.

In the new year, we commit to continue along this success path and bring NACPPA to a whole new level with the following initiatives:

  • Signature IEEE events - we will continue to have our IEEE events to bridge Chinese vendors with US technical societies and provide networking and career development opportunities to fellow members. This year we will provide more opportunities for attendees to mingle.

  • Industry member program - We will launch a program to better serve the business needs of Chinese and US companies. This will further grow NACPPA with stronger industry support.

  • Expert talent pool - we will set up a talent pool in the area of energy market and start to develop technical publications to introduce US energy market. It will become a new signature program for NACPPA members to enjoy.

  • Online seminar - we will continue online seminar series and present more technical discussions from leading industry experts. Furthermore, contents of each seminar will be available on our website for future reference.

Again, I would like to thank you all for the opportunity to serve you in the next two years. I humbly request your continuous support and participation to NACPPA activities. Together, we will make the journey fun and exciting!

Sincerely yours,

President: Bo Yang

EVP: Zuyi Li

Leadership team: Wenjuan Zhang, Yunzhi Cheng, Bo Gong, Feng Gao, Yingzhong Gu, Le Xu, Ruisheng Diao, Miao Fan, Chunming Ma, Xin Wang, Xueyang Cheng, Haiwang Zhong, Yiyun Yao


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