Updated: Apr 27

Are you a Lego master?

Can you imagine what the future of the Power & Energy infrastructure looks like?

Why not create a future of your own?

Take the challenge and get the opportunity to earn a reward!

Here is how:

The Challenge:

Build an original Lego model of how you imagine the Power & Energy infrastructure will be in the future. It could be a wireless power tower, a moon-based solar farm, or a community clean solution, etc.

The Rules (Due to privacy concerns, we have updated the rules):

1. Post your work on Instagram in one of the following formats:

  • Photo with a short text description.

  • 1-minute video describing your work.

2. Include all of the following in your photo or video:

  • #PowerFutur.

  • Your age (or age group).

  • Two keywords for your future power & energy systems.

3. Don’t have an Instagram Account?

You can also post your work on either Facebook or Twitter, just @NACPPA to make sure we know about it.

Deadline for submission:

Submit your work before 00:00:00 EDT, Monday May 25, 2020.

Who can participate?

All legal residents in US or Canada who are between 5 – 11, and 12 – 17 years old. Each age group will be judged separately.


The following awards will be announced on Sunday, June 7, 2020:

  • Most Liked Build

  • Best Imagination

  • Hardcore Technology

  • Best Application Scenario

  • Best Art

Each winner will receive a certificate and a $100 gift card.


Email: Media.NACPPA@hotmail.com