Grid Innovation Forum

The energy industry around the world are experiencing significant changes in the past decades due to increasing renewable integration, penetration of new load types and evolving business landscapes. Technology companies serving the industry are facing new customer requests everyday which cannot be solved by the off-the-shelf products or software systems. In this forum, technical executives from leading manufacturers and utilities will share their perspectives on trends of technology innovation.

Annual Member Meeting

The North American Chinese Power Professional Association (NACPPA) is a non-profit organization to provide a community for the Chinese electric power professionals working and studying in North America. Its annual member meeting is schedule co-located with IEEE PES GM each year. This year, thousands of NACPPA members will get together to mingle and exchange latest industry information. This meeting also provides a great opportunity for NACPPA member companies to showcase their technologies and share recruiting plans.

Aug 6-7 Early Evening, Portland, OR USA

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